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It’s not just the stunning coastline and warm weather that comes to mind when you think of Western Australia. In present times, mining is a significant part of Western Australian life as it has created thousands of jobs and has boosted the Australian economy considerably.

At Resources Roadhouse we provide fellow Australians with the latest mining news in Western Australia. We understand that not all important information is relayed in mainstream media, therefore we aim to bring you the very latest mining news as it develops. Our mining news in Western Australia is not focused solely on the larger mining corporations, we also provide news about smaller companies so investors have a better understanding of where they sit. If you are an investor looking for the right mining company to invest in, we can help.

We are an up-to-date news website that has relevant stock information and mining company information to keep you in the loop. When you visit the Resources Roadhouse website you will find valuable information about the mining investment community. You can browse the companies listed and find relevant information about what minerals the mining companies are digging for.

Our news is proudly brought to you by Word 4 Word Media where renowned journalist, Wally Graham leads the team. Browse our website for more information about Resources Roadhouse and mining news in Western Australia.

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